Contracting Intel

May 12, 2007

Continued cost and schedule performance problems within the  U.S. intelligence  community are raising calls for better reporting standards. A report by the House intelligence committee urges  the intelligence community to embrace the Nunn-McCurdy-like reporting system the Pentagon has to undertake when programs spiral out of control. The legislators note in their mark-up of the fiscal 2008 budget request that:

 “Many programs managed by intelligence agencies are over cost, behind schedule, and have failed to achieve key performance parameters.” (p.35)

Turn a few pages  further, and there  may be the answer to one source of  the problems.

“the Committee has concluded that Intelligence Community leaders do not have an adequate understanding of the size and composition of the contractor work force, a consistent and well-articulated method for assessing contractor performance, or strategies for managing a combined staff-contractor workforce.”